Monday, December 2, 2013

BOOKS THAT GROW for K-12 Schools and Literacy Programs!


Daniel Fountenberry, Founder/BD (L) , Joel Wilson (C) and Jason Buhle, Ph.D., Chief Scientist/BD (R)

BOOKS THAT GROW, by Borne Digital (BD) ( are digital books that change form as you read them, based on your reading ability, interests, or learning objectives. Imagine, books that read you! The future has arrived. Our platform is the bridge between Publishing and Big Data. We are unlocking knowledge, personalizing education, and helping children become better readers by transforming the very nature of a book. It’s not enough to make a book “digital.” It must be Borne Digital.

JCWCC President & CEO, Joel Wilson, recently meet the leadership team of Borne Digital at the Tap the Future Entrepreneurial Semifinalist Competition in Philadelphia where they won 1st place and $25,000.  

JCWCC is the first authorized reseller and is now providing FREE demos to K-12 schools and Literacy Programs. 

Please contact us for an appointment. Tel: (215) 879.6701  E-mail:

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