Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Need Help with Obamacare Signup? Certified Affordable Care Act Navigator available Wednesdays 11am - 4pm!

The Affordable Care Act is Working

Thanks to President Obama, millions of people around the country are getting significant benefits from the Affordable Care Act. The new law, also known as Obamacare, has meant an increase in the number of people getting coverage and significant savings in healthcare costs for individuals across the country.
That’s why I’m encouraging as many people as possible to take advantage of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. I’m hosting free sessions in my district office to help people get enrolled on Healthcare.gov.
Senator Vincent HughesA certified navigator from Resources for Human Development will be at my district office every Wednesday (starting next week) from 11-4 PM to help you learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace and complete an application on site at the Offices of State Senator Vincent Hughes, 4950 Parkside Ave, Philadelphia PA 19131. Suite 300.

Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted. To schedule an appointment, please call: 215-879-7777. If you cannot make those hours, please call 855-668-9536 to schedule an appointment for a location near you.

Affordable Care Act Success Stories

Meet Sue Spanke of Missoula, Montana. Ms. Spanke, who is a self-employed artist, needed to find new health insurance. She found insurance that will cost $30 to $40 a month. Her deductible will be just $500. Her previous policy cost $350 per month with a deductible of $5,000.

Lori Lapman of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had been paying $520 per month for health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, she was able to find a plan on Healthcare.gov that only cost $111.73 per month. The best part? Ms. Lapman got to keep all of her doctors that she visited under her previous plan.

Lynn Keilz of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, found a plan that provided better coverage for $80 less per month. Although she makes too much to qualify for tax credits, her new insurance provides significant savings and better services.

Alex Kotch is a PhD student with a history of health problems. He would have previously been required to disclose his preexisting conditions when applying for health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he was able to find coverage for just $47 per month and couldn’t be turned away by insurance companies for having long-term health issues.

Dan from Michigan is living with HIV/AIDS. He needs about $4,000 worth of medication each month to maintain his current health. He was paying about $1,485 per month for insurance, with a $1,000 deductible. Now, he’s found a plan that means he’s only going to pay $914 with the same deductible thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

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