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November 2014




I hope this finds you well. With the volumes of information on the Internet, it's very easy to miss quality information that may help to serve your business for the better. Below is a group of select articles we found valuable and will be sharing similar articles on a monthly basis. Our team values your business and considers that great information should be shared for the benefit of all. So as we find great information, you will be in the know as well. From a company perspective, we've accomplished maximizing our client's IT efficiency, making it more profitable. Once you are a valued customer of JCWCC, we strive to keep you a customer for life.
Joel Wilson - CEO @JCWCC_IT
TechPreneur / STEM Advocate / Aspiring Serial Entrepreneur



Free Tools to Help Your Marketing Efforts
Courtney Seiter, The Next Web

It might seem impossible to do an effective marketing campaign without spending a lot of money, but the Internet has changed everything.  Read about 29 free Internet tools that can immediately improve your marketing by directing you to tools that can help you do research, come up with ideas, offer help with readability, help you maximize your Twitter presence, get feedback on your company's Facebook presence, and more.

Have a DropBox account? 
Sara Peters, InformationWeek

Hundreds of DropBox user login credentials were recently posted on a website by a user who claimed to have 7 million username-password combos. While there's some debate about whether the user's claims are true, it does call attention to the continued need for websites to implement multi-factor authentications to protect user information, and the need for users to periodically change their user names and passwords. To learn more about the situation with DropBox.

Top LinkedIn Tricks for Outfoxing Your Competition
Jeremy Goldman, The Next Web

While LinkedIn is a great way to network with current and potential business contacts, there are several ways you can used LinkedIn to help you.  Read Jeremy Goldman's tips for how to use LinkedIn to do market research, figure out how people like to be contacted, better organize your contacts, among others.
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Create a Standout Social-Media Profile for Your Company
Allison McCartney, Entrepreneur

With social media becoming a standard part of a company's marketing strategy, it's harder for brands to stand out.  As a result, good design of your company's social media presence is vital.  Read about some guidelines on how you can make the most of the ways that Facebook, Twitter and other social media allow you to customize your account.

Finally A Great Workspace With Entrepreneur's In Mind
 Janaya LaRose, Business Development Consultant

As a entrepreneur, you are extremely important to your world. Your success is vital to to the success of the nation. Entrepreneur's serve as the spark plug in the economy's engine, activating and stimulating all economic activity. Rhoads Networking Workspace has created a quality professional environment with Center City amenities in a great local community.



The New Workspace

Cutting edge developments with the virtual workspace
see the video

Automated Paper Flight

3-D Printer creates gun that makes and fires paper airplanes
see the video

May I Help You?

Library gets robots to teach computer programming skills
see the video

Our firm has been building, fixing and supporting PCs, and computer networks for over 20 years. We have assembled an on-point team of computer professionals to make your computer life easier! For a limited time only JCWCC is offering our Refer A Friend rewards and also 5% Off Laptop, Tablet, PC (up to Qty 2), phone orders only. Forward our newsletter to a friend and JCW will give you 25% Off service (1 time offer). For any questions or phone orders please contact our Business Development Consultant, Janaya LaRose at (o) 215-879-6701 (m) 267-225-6097.
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